During the past 20 years that we have been in operation, we have imported and sold a good quantity of private and commercial vehicles to the satisfaction of many owners. We owe our success to our fast and friendly service, expertise in our field and affordable prices. All our vehicles are chosen to the customers needs and our stock vehicles always carry a high specification list. We regularly stock family cars and light commercial vehicles. Other types can be ordered and delivered to the owner's requirements. So please call us to discuss your needs and we are ready to help.

We are also one of the leading importers of auto parts and accessories on the island. we are well known for our good stock of Ford spare parts .

All our parts are imported from a reliable Ford breakers in the UK. The process involves recovering the parts from damaged vehicles, inspecting and testing, cleaning and labelling. They are then shipped to Malta and stored at our San Gwann warehouses ready to be sold at very competitive prices. Our suppliers are in a position to supply a good quality classic Ford parts (Escorts Mark 1 and Mark 2) so please do not hesitate to come forward with your enquiry and we are ready to help.

Specific, hard to find parts may also be obtained on order and shipped within days. 

Apart from parts and accessories for most Ford models, we also stock RS and Cosworth engine parts targeted at high-performance car lovers and enthusiasts. We are also in a position to give technical and practical advice regarding the installation and tuning of such machines. 

So, whatever your Ford needs, get in touch with us and rest assured that we will do our best to help you out and to have a wider view of our products please visit our car parts website www.fordsparesmalta.com

Thank you

Roderick Camilleri